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Bertrand Corbeau

Crédit Agricole SA

Deputy CEO




Bertrand CORBEAU, Deputy General Manager Head of Development, Client and Innovation


Bertrand CORBEAU has been Deputy Managing Director of CrĂ©dit Agricole S.A. in charge of Development, Client and Innovation, since 4 April 2016. He is a member of the Executive Committee of CrĂ©dit Agricole S.A. 
Bertrand Corbeau has spent his entire career at Crédit Agricole. After joining Crédit Agricole de la Mayenne in 1981, he continued his career at the Anjou-Mayenne Regional Bank, then at the Anjou-Maine Regional Bank, as head of sales. In 2003, he joined Crédit Agricole de Franche-Comté as Deputy Managing Director, before taking up the same role at Crédit Agricole Val-de-France. In 2007, Bertrand Corbeau became CEO of Crédit Agricole de Franche-Comté. In 2010, he became CEO of Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole.

Bertrand Corbeau is a graduate of France''s Institut Technique de Banque, Institut National de Marketing and INSEAD. He is a Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit and a Knight of the National Order of Merit in France.