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Details on ticket's benefits

(1) Additional limited capacity sessions of different types will be organized on the dates of the streams or at other times of the year. - (2) Premium and Diamond ticket holders will be able to search, view and contact participants of all categories unless those one choose not to be visible in the app. Participants with Essential tickets will still be visible and reachable by other ticket categories holders, but will not be able to contact other participants by themselves. - (3) some of these features will only be accessible at specific times of the year. All information will be available and updated in the participant area (and the application) accessible to members. - (4) due to the pandemic, no guarantee is given as to the possibility of welcoming participants to certain highlights of the year, this nevertheless remains an objective for at least 3 sessions. If however this were possible, a registration process would be set up for members with priority given to holders of Diamonds, then Premium and finally Essential tickets. There will be a maximum capacity limit of arround 100 to 200 attendees, and a "first arrived, first served" rule will be in force on site to manage the access between registered guests. There is aboslutely no garantee of any in person attendance to any session linked to a ticket - (5) subject to completion / confirmation. (6) The organizer remains the sole decision maker of the eligibility of applicants for the promotions requested, in accordance with our T&Cs. 

Tickets FAQ

Payment methods

  • Credit or Debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, CB and American Express. 
  •  Wire/Bank transfer. Please note that:
    - Altéir Event’s bank account information are sent once you've been register and select this option as a payment method.
    Attention: Any order not fully paid 2 weeks after registration may result in a cancelled ticket.
    In this case, the participant will have to restart the registration process and may lose any previously offered price reduction.
    - Payment orders by wire transfer are much longer to treat and you may experience important delays to access our platform. If you need a quick access, please use an other mean of payment. Please contact for any concern on this matter. 
  •  On invoicing: if you want to receive an invoice to be settled, and eventually add on it a reference number, please select the option "on invoice" at the end of the process on the payment wall.


  • You can find your invoice in a pdf format attached with your ticket confirmation email. You would receive this after the ticket purchase. If the email addresses of the buyer and the participant are different, you can choose when registering on which you want to receive the invoice. Please also check your Spam inbox. 
  • Invoices cannot be modified once they have been issued. Please ensure entering the correct data during the registration process. 
  • According to the French law on congresses and forums, French 10% VAT must be included in the total amount paid by the buyer disregarding the country of purchase.