Paris Fintech Forum Communities

Choose your 2022 ticket


To participate in all or part of the Paris Fintech Forum Communities 2022 program, all you need to do is
purchase a ticket which will automatically give you access to the platform for the whole of 2022.

Benefit of the best prices for your situation

  • "Former PFF21 participant free access": you had a ticket for PFF21 Communities ? -> GREAT NEWS, you have a free access to our platform in 2022. If you had a Premium or Diamond ticket, you are automatically granted a Premium ticket for 2022. If you had an essential ticket, you keep an Essential access for this year. 
  • --> all is automatic, you just have to log in on the platform with the email/passqord you used in 2021. If you forgot your password, there is a password recovery process, just enter your email and follow the steps. 

  •  Group purchases: you want to buy several tickets for your team, we offer discounts for group orders from 20 tickets purchased (not cumulative with other discounts). Contact us on 

  •  You work for a Media -> accreditation requests forms will be available soon.

Details on ticket's benefits

(1) Videos series episodes will always be available first on our platform for ticket holders for a few weeks, then later on our youtube channel. Aso some backstage / longer version episodes will only be viewable for ticket holders on the platform. - (2) Additional limited capacity online sessions of different types might be organized during the year, only some tickets categories will give access to those sessions. (3) Premium tickets holders will be able to search, view and contact participants of all categories unless those one choose not to be visible in the app. Participants with Essential tickets will still be visible and reachable by other ticket categories holders, but will not be able to contact other participants by themselves. - (4) some of these features will only be accessible at specific times of the year. All information will be available and updated in the participant area (and the application) accessible to members. - (5) Acces is granted if the event is not cancelled in particular due to the pandemic situation, and subjectt to the maximum capacity of the venue. (6) Those events are on invitation only, the organizer will select guests to be invited mainly among the Premium tickets holders. Nevertheless this is not a garantee to get an invitation to those events.