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Bo Brustkern



United States



Mr. Brustkern is co-founder & CEO of LendIt Fintech, the world’s leading event in financial services innovation. Mr. Brustkern’s career has included venture capital, private equity and real estate investment, as well as over a decade of entrepreneurship in financial service-related endeavors. Prior to co-founding LendIt, Mr. Brustkern founded Arcstone Partners, a complex securities valuation boutique; and co-founded NSR Invest, a robo-advisor specializing in alternative fixed income investment strategies. Previously, he was a venture capitalist at Rustic Canyon Partners in Silicon Valley and a private equity investor at BACE Industries in Denver, Colorado Mr. Brustkern received an MBA with distinction from the Anderson School at UCLA, and a BA in Literature and Creative Writing from Dartmouth College. Mr. Brustkern and his wife, Amy, are raising five children in Denver, Colorado.