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Nick Bortot






During his 15 years in online stock brokerage Nick discovered that more people than you''d think are fascinated by the financial markets, and want the opportunity to trade. Unfortunately banks and brokers have created a level of complexity in the stock market which makes it only accessible to a small and elite group of people. However, Nick strongly believes that everyone should enjoy having a basic knowledge of what''s going on in the markets, and ultimately enjoy the fact that playing the markets isn''t just about a way to make money; they reflect what''s going on in the world. By trading or investing you gain a great understanding of what''s going on in the world. And last but definitely not least, trading and investing can be really fun and exciting!

This is why Nick created BUX, an app that makes stock trading extremely straightforward, educational and fun. BUX was launched two years ago in The Netherlands, and since then BUX has launched in the UK, Germany, Austria and Italy. In fact, BUX will soon have over 700.000 users.