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Ben Marrel


Managing Partner



Ben's experience as a founder and his passion for entrepreneurship led him to co-found Breega, a founder-friendly European VC specialised in financing early-stage tech startups from PreSeed to Series B stage (€260M under management). Prior to that, Ben debuted his entrepreneurial journey by launching FiftyFour, the first financial rating platform for SME’s in Africa, and then Rugby Division, a disruptive rugbywear brand. He began his career in corporate finance, working on large cross-border M&A deals and Series D+ in Tech for Macquarie Bank in London and Sydney. Today, Ben & Breega advise and finance highly promising startups such as Curve, Cuvva, Exotec, Ibanfirst, udelv or NinetyNine with the aim of propelling them to global success.