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Cristina Soviany

Features Analytics





Cristina Soviany has a MSc degree in Computer Science from Polytechnics University of Bucharest and a PhD in Applied Sciences from Delft University of Technology.
Prior to starting Features Analytics, Cristina has worked for Philips Applied Technologies in The Netherlands. In 2004 she joined Advanced Medical Diagnostics, a Belgian start-up, where she was leading the development of an innovative AI technology for cancer detection. The critical need for absolute accuracy inspired Cristina to transpose the AI principles and detect Fraud, the “Cancer” of the financial industry.
In 2011, Cristina received the first prize for the most innovative technology ICT company in Europe. In November 2018, Features Analytics was selected by M12 (Microsoft Ventures) among the top ten women led enterprise tech companies. In August 2019, she received a special award for her contributions as member of program committee for the International Conference on Security and Management.