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Denise Johansson





Denise is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Enfuce, an innovative payment service provider who uses industry expertise, collaboration and compliance to deliver long term and scalable solutions fast and secure. As CEO, Denise draws on her deep experience within financial services to lead Enfuce towards sustainable growth. She established ambitious objectives that would guide the company towards expansion, employ the latest digital technologies and push the team further than they’d been before. Teamwork is a central aspect of Denise’s role in a fast-growing fintech company. She makes sure the management team at Enfuce is fully aligned and puts a great deal of effort into communication to make sure everyone sees each other as part of the same team – not just a colleague, but a member of a team that’s going to make it happen. Enfuce is now one of the largest fintech companies in Finland and one of the fastest growing companies in Northern Europe.

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