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Christian Nagel


Managing Partner



Christian is Co-Founder and Partner of Earlybird and has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and investment experience. He was Chairman of the Board of Tipp24 AG and Interhyp AG which he both lead to an IPO returned in large scales. Currently Christian serves on the boards of Bitwala, CrossEngage, CrossLend, DeepCode, Fraugster, Getsafe, N26, Shapeshift, smava, Targomo and Xain. Prior to founding Earlybird in 1997, Christian, together with a group of investors, acquired various companies from the Treuhandanstalt and gained operational experience. Previously, Christian worked as an Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Co. Inc. focusing on restructuring, strategy and M & A projects within various industries. He holds a Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur degree (Technical University of Hamburg) and a PhD degree (University of St. Gallen).