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Alejandro Cosentino






Alejandro Cosentino is the Founder & CEO of Afluenta, the first and only pan-regional Latin America marketplace lending platform (MLP) where members lend and borrow money for better yields, cutting out expensive and traditional middlemen. Alejandro is a well-known Latin American FinTech entrepreneur who combines an extensive experience running successful financial services operations across Latin America and creating FinTech innovative products and services. He played a significant role revamping American Express Latin America and Caribbean division during the 1990’s and the successfully transformation of Banco Río (before begin acquired of Banco Santander). His ability to create better customer experiences led him to win several awards from FinTech associations. Alejandro has become a FinTech evangelist because of his active participation as a lecturer in conferences in the USA, Europe and Asia, blogger, Latin newspaper columnist and business mentor of FinTech startups. He has a Business Administration and CPA degree from Universidad Católica.