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Mustafa Khanwala

Mishipay Ltd


United Kingdom



Mustafa is a Mechatronic Engineer who has previously worked in and led projects with companies like Porsche, National Instruments, Barclays and TATA and has proven track record in successful innovation. He has sales experience through working in his family business and starting a food delivery venture in Manchester in 2011.

Towards the end of his MSc Engineering with Finance degree at UCL, he thought of the idea for MishiPay after having waited too long in a queue to buy 1 just item. He then started MishiPay as a side project and designed and built the first functional prototype by himself.

Having worked on MishiPay for several months and after seeing the technology working in real life, he rejected offers from Goldman Sachs, KPMG and Barclays to work full-time on MishiPay. He also called up Tanvi then, a brilliant computer systems engineer, his friend since 6 years and someone he''s worked with previously. He convinced her to join MishiPay as CoFounder and CTO and they haven''t looked back since.

As proof of their teamwork, just look at their accomplishments since Nov 2015.They are now working with amazing partners like Cisco, Zebra, Avery Dennison and doing Pilot projects with some of the largest retailers in Europe.