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Ekaterina Petrova

GenerationS Accelerator

Managing Director

Russian Federation



Ekaterina Petrova is CEO of Corporate Accelerator GenerationS.
She has more than 10 years of experience in innovation and investment
projects, including 7 years at Russian Venture Company JSC.
She led the direction of innovative educational projects of the department of the
innovation ecosystem development, organized a number of educational
programs on technology transfer and the study of innovation ecosystems and
clusters in a number of countries: Brazil, UK, Hong Kong (PRC), Singapore,
USA, France, South Korea in order to develop the Russian innovation
These programs have significantly expanded the number of partners abroad in
order to further advance the interests of Russian innovative companies.
She launched a number of strategic projects aimed at the development of the
innovation ecosystem of Russia in partnership with development institutions and
In 2017, she designed the development strategy and built the work of the
corporate accelerator GenerationS. She organized an active work of the
accelerator with leading Russian state and private corporations, which began to
join the project as investors and customers in the search for new breakthrough
In 2017, she received the status of “Best manager in the field of innovative
business” at the first independent award for business women “Charmous”.