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Nicolas Meric






Nicolas came up with the idea of DreamQuark during his PhD in particle physics at Paris-Dideront University. His research work led him to explore and experiment new innovative approaches based on Deep Learning which gave him outstanding results and helped him to solve the problems he was struggling with. Nicolas realised these technologies could revolutionise the way enterprises deal with their ever-growing datasets if he could transpose them from the academic field and make them accessible to business experts without any Data Science knowledge or training.

Nicolas founds DreamQuark in 2014 on the basis of this idea and with the unique vision of democratizing IA and bringing Deep Learning to financial institutions. To achieve this, Nicolas surrounded himself with the best data scientists and computer engineers to develop class leading algorithms embedded in Brain, the most advanced predictive platform accessible to everyone.

In 2017, Nicolas Meric has been recognised as one of the “10 fascinating French brains” in the Artificial Intelligence field (source: Alliancy).