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Snehal Fulzele

Cloud Lending Solutions


United States



Snehal is recognized as a Fintech industry leader, technologist and innovator. As co-founder & CEO of Cloud Lending Solutions, his passion is to help lending institutions maximize the value of cloud technology by digitizing the entire lending lifecycle to achieve operational efficiency, grow their borrower base, launch new lending products easily, and deliver a superior borrowing experience. He is a sought after speaker at industry conferences and panels.

He believes that only those financial institutions exhibiting agility in adopting technology advancements in the area of mobility, machine learning, big data and web/cloud apps will survive and eventually grow. Although ripping out legacy technology may seem impossible today, financial services companies that choose to retain that baggage will not be able to compete against the ones who don’t.

Snehal envisions a financial services industry which keeps up with technology developments, innovates continuously, and applies these benefits for an improved customer experience. He wants to realize this vision via Cloud Lending Solutions.

Snehal holds a master’s degree in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. His experience with global technology companies such as Adobe and Oracle, and his passion for finance and technology, keeps him involved in the design and creation of product road map at Cloud Lending Solutions.