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Younger brother Jean-Emile embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by launching PIXmania, an online sales platform aimed at challenging traditional high street retailers. Over the years, PIXmania grew to become one of Europe's leading eCommerce companies, generating over one billion euros in revenue and operating in 26 countries with a team of 1,500 colleagues. In 2007, Steve and Jean-Emile went on to establish Dotcorp Finance Private Equity Fund (DPEF), a Luxembourg fund. In 2010, Steve and his wife Chiara founded the "Rosenblum Collection&Friends" Contemporary Art Centre in Paris, showcasing their passion for the arts. Later, in October 2016, Steve and Chiara introduced BAIA BAIA, a fashion brand empowering customers to customize their own shoes and bags on the spot. This innovative concept was launched in Bangkok and led to their decision to relocate to Hong Kong in 2017 to further expand the BAIA BAIA operation. In 2020, Steve's interest turned towards the revolutionary technology of blockchain, recognizing its potential to disrupt various industries and transform the way we live. This newfound passion inspired him to embark on a decentralization revolution for financial services, resulting in the creation of Libertify. Libertify is a SaaS platform that provides personalized, actionable investment decisions based on users' risk profiles, aiming to minimize drawdowns and optimize portfolio performance. Libertify is adding securities to its platform and offers the SaaS solution to banks, neobanks, neobrokerages, crypto exchanges and wealth management boutiques. In January 2022, Steve and Jean-Emile successfully raised €11 million in financing to relaunch PIXmania with a European marketplace concept focusing on smartphones and mobility. The round has been increased by 6m€ in April 2023. In July 2022, Steve successfully raised an additional €4 million in financing to fuel the development and growth of Libertify, his innovative financial services platform. Born in 1974 in Paris, Steve holds French and Canadian citizenship. He is married and has three daughters. Steve's interests extend beyond entrepreneurship, including piloting planes (FAA IFR), boating, traveling, reading, music, and contemporary art.

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