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Thought leadership at its best

100 speakers, hand picked among the most fascinating voices of Finance & Technology, in all verticals : Banking, Insurance, Fintech, Regulators, Crypto & Digital assets, Payments, Regtech,… 2 days of insightful sessions where you are a co speaker: with an on purpose very limited attendance the sessions have been much more intimates and leverage public participation in a mode where any attendee could have been a speaker. No sales speeches, only insightful panels, interviews and master classes + our famous Fintech CEO pitches. Definitly The 2023 #PFF Leaders Summit has been the place to learn and exchange about the future of our industry.

3 stages

You could find back on 3 stages what made the Paris Fintech Forum a legend over the past years: incredible sessions with the key players from all over the world.
3 stages have been open over the 2 days, enabling us to cover all key areas of the industry. On Day 2 we holded the Fintech CEos pitches sessions, and we also organized some Fin&Tech masterclasses on a brand new format. 

All stages were limited in capacity and organized to enable in depth Q&A sessions.

Several networking spaces - No stands

International networking at its best!
The #PFF Leaders Summit was not only the best place to learn, but as always, the best place to leverage networking and build your future with the community. Several spaces have been dedicated in the venue to networking, and of course our networking app helped you find the best matches and organize the meeting you need. 

We decided to do an event without exhibition hall, to focus only on content and networking.

Master Classes

Ever dreamed of having a top level training on a key Fintech subject by the one who make things happen?

During the Leaders Summit, the second day afternoon (31/05 from 1:30 pm and onwards)  we hosted several master classes where top level leaders of the industry shared their knowledges in 1 hour thematic sessions. 
Those sessions were organized in dedicated rooms and  were opened to the summit participants and some additional PFF community members (Ruby tickets holders). 

Exclusive access in an iconique venue in Paris

Limited to 600 attendees (including speakers) with a validation process to buy tickets, this event gathered the key people of our ecosystem at an international level. We made sure in our acceptance process to have a real diversity of participants across geographies and business lines. We like to say that participants was as important as the speakers in that format, as we targeted real exchanges between them.

To host this new format we selected a high end venue in the center of Paris, the "Hotel Potocki", Head quarter of the CCI Ile de France, very close by the Champs ElysĂ©es. In such a closed-door format, participants was able to have real in depth ecosystem and business conversations, and made the most of those 2 days. 

NB: only the "Diamond" ticket gave access to this #PFF Leaders Summit.

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